How to be Flexible. Part 3 – Movement Zones

This is part 3 of my “How to be Flexible” series and in this episode of MoveMedics TV we explore another one of the key concepts in my Movement Philosophy, the Movement Zones, and how it relates to the Movement Spheres™.

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This is part three of my “How to be Flexible” series and in this video we will explore another key concept of my Movement Philosophy, the Movement Zones. Let’s jump in.

Hi, I’m Selina from MoveMedics here to help you move better, feel better, so you can keep doing what makes you happy, for as long as you want.

In the previous two episodes we explored what my Movement Philosophy is and the Movement Spheres™ If you haven’t seen them yet I strongly suggest that you watch them first so what we talk about in today’s video will follow smoothly on.

In the previous video I finished by telling you that if your brain doesn’t think a movement is safe, it’s not going to let you go near it. This is the premise behind the concept of the Movement Zones.

There are three Movement Zones, they are – the Safe Zone, the Alert Zone, and the Danger Zone.

You can also think of them as the Go Zone, the Maybe, and the No-Go Zone.

And because we are all very familiar with the traffic light system, another way of thinking about this is the Green Zone for Go, Yellow for Maybe, and Red for No. And here’s what they are in details.

The Green Zone is your Safe Zone, and your Safe Zone is the space that you are very familiar with, both you and your brain know this zone well and your brain deems it to be safe, you move freely and confidently in your Safe Zone anytime you want, movement in your Safe Zone are your everyday movement and the skilled movement you have acquired, you own the movement in your Safe Zone.

Your Alert Zone is the space that you are somewhat familiar with, you and your brain are either getting to know and trust or trying to remember this zone, your brain is not too sure about it and doesn’t deem it fully safe, you move cautiously and hesitantly in your Alert Zone, and you can’t and don’t tend to spend a lot of time there.

Movement in your Alert Zone are those that you are just learning, movement you don’t do regularly, movement you have not done in a long time, or movement you are rehabilitating from pain or injuries.

You are either in the process of owning or losing the movement in your Alert Zone.

Then we have the No-Go Zone, your No-Go Zone is a space that you don’t know at all, you and your brain neither understand nor recognise this zone, movement in the No-Go Zone are those that you have yet to learn, or movement that were once safe but now your brain has decided is dangerous, your brain doesn’t let you spend time here at all, and you own nothing in the No-Go Zone.

When we apply those zones to our Movement Spheres™ you can see that your Current Movement Sphere™ is your Safe Zone, it should be entirely green. And at the periphery of your Current Movement Sphere™ is the Alert Zone, and beyond that your Ultimate Movement Sphere™ is the No-Go, Danger Zone.

Spoiler alert: You cannot go from Green and jump straight to Red, your brain won’t let that happen. Why wouldn’t it do that?

Well, we will talk all about that in the next video “Your Brain and Movement” but for now tell me, what do you think is currently in your Alert Zone? Are you working on a movement or are you trying to get back a movement that you have lost to pain and injuries? Comment below and let me know.

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