Shoulder Roll Neck Stretch

In this episode of MoveMedics TV I share my fav neck stretch, the Shoulder Roll Neck Stretch, with you. The Shoulder Roll Neck Stretch combines some classic neck stretches with shoulder rolls, I find this to be effective to sweep across the entire area I want to affect. It’s super easy and useful for those …

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How To Choose A Good Hot Pack?

Using a hot pack is an easy and accessible way to alleviate pain and the sensation of stiffness and tightness, but how do you choose the right hot pack for you? Dive into this episode of MoveMedics TV to find out.


3 Tips for Shoulder Pain

One of the reasons shoulder pain sucks is that it interferes with lots of everyday activities such as getting dressed, washing your hair, and getting comfy for a good night’s sleep. In this episode of MoveMedics TV, I share 3 handy tips to help make things easier for you as you get better.


Tiger Woods Had Surgical Fascial Release!

Tiger Woods had surgery for fascial release in his leg after his horrific car crash. 😯 How is his fascial release different to myofascial release? 🤔 Watch this episode of MoveMedics TV to find out. 👀


Pain Does NOT Mean Tissue Damage

The 4 Scenarios of Pain and Tissue Damage “Pain equals damage” is easily one of the biggest pain myths of all. No, pain does NOT equal damage. Let’s take a closer look. Where pain and tissue damage are concerned, there’re 4 possible scenarios. Scenario 1: No tissue damage. No pain. Scenario 2: Tissue damage. Pain Scenario 3: Tissue …

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Your Spine is Meant to be Curvy.

The Low-Down on Spinal Curvatures Kyphosis and lordosis, two words you’re likely to hear in a discussion about spinal curvatures. As with anything foreign and unfamiliar, they come with a degree of confusion and even trepidation. So let’s start by demystifying them. To put it super simply, a kyphosis is a hump and a lordosis …

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