Selina Asirus Tannenberg. Voice Physio

Selina Tannenberg

Physio. Musician. Creator of MoveMedics TV

What do you do?
I help people optimise their Movement Capacity for Fun and Function.

Interest Areas: Vocal Health, Mobility, Performance Improvement, Vocal Load Management.

By simplifying complex, traditionally dull processes into fun, easy-to-follow, step-by-step courses.

My Secret Sauce
The 1% Game

At the core of new and better movement is mindset and behavioural change.

Change can be hard and scary. When you try to change too much, too soon, it is overwhelming and your subconscious, which is wired to keep you safe, will put up an enormous fight. This is where the voice that says “I can’t”, “It’s too hard”, “I will never be X” comes from.

With this knowledge in mind, we navigate smartly forward by focusing on being just 1% better each day.

1% is a manageable move, each 1% lets your build trust and confidence in yourself, each 1% lets you gradually embody and transform into the Self-Care Legend who does your desired movement.

Not only that, your gain is compounded over time!

My courses don’t simply give you the movement, reps, sets… etc. They also have this 1% Transformation Tool built into them. 

I’ve created the roadmap to your movement success so the only remaining question is: Can you do 1% better today?

The Official Stuff
I’m a qualified physiotherapist with 23+ years of clinical experience.

I’ve successfully helped numerous people achieve their movement goals, whether that be overcoming pain, recovering from injuries, or upgrading mobility and performance.

I love combining my passion with my physio work. This has led me to developing my signature P-C-R movement programmes, becoming the world’s first Pole Dance Physio, and creating Voice Physio.

My Other Interests
I enjoy reading, running, Formula 1 Racing, and am forever exploring play through movement.

I’m also a composer, singer-songwriter and publish my music under my nom de plumeAsirus.

Career Highlight

Featured Playlists

Selina’s Original Philosophies on Movement for Singing and Flexibility.

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