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Selina Asirus Tannenberg

Selina Tannenberg

Health Content Creator | Physiotherapist | Musician

Her Story

Selina Asirus Tannenberg

My Story

After 19 years as a private-practice physiotherapist, I packed up my clinic in South Brisbane in order to take full advantage of the ever-evolving telehealth technology to spread evidence-based health information further in our community — I’ve always been frustrated by the sheer volume of misinformation in health ever since I graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at The University of Queensland in 2000 and began my physio career; so much pain and suffering could have been prevented and injury rehabilitated promptly and appropriately if only people had the correct information!
Whilst it has been a tremendous privilege and an incredible experience working closely with so many over my career, the limited reach of 1-on-1 work has always sat in the back of my mind. Armed with 19 years of clinical experience I now dedicate my physio work to health education as a content and online healthcare course creator at MoveMedics and its subsidiaries, Voice Physio and Pole Physio. It is my goal to simplify healthcare and empower people with evidence-based knowledge for healthy and pain-free living.
There has always been an artist in me who has patiently laid dormant as I pursued a career in physiotherapy, with my clinician years behind me it is now time for the singer-composer in me to shine. I am very much enjoying giving life to my music, I publish under my nom de plume, Asirus.
Besides my two loves, physiotherapy and music, I enjoy running, Formula 1 Racing, a good movie, cooking for allergies and intolerances, and am working on my handstand.

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