Blackroll Resist Band – Unboxed!

In this episode of MoveMedics TV, I unbox the Blackroll Resist Band.

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In this video we are unboxing the Blackroll Resist Band.

Hi, I’m Selina, physio from MoveMedics. I want to help you to improve your movement, increase your health knowledge, so you can move better, feel better, and keep doing what you love for as long as you want.

Now I bought myself this Blackroll Resist Band recently because the bungee stretchy thick band I had snapped, and I have already been using the Blackroll Loop Band and I really like the texture of it and how well made it is so I bought myself a big, the long, 190 centimetre long, black extreme intensity, so that I could replace the broken, big bungee band. So, let’s open it.

Ooh there is a little sleeve which I believe you do some fancy tying business for some things.
We have a band, say goodbye to rubber, the revolution of bands, that just reminds me that’s the reason why I bought the Loop Band in the first place because I am sensitive to latex myself and I also didn’t want any latex product in my clinic to make sure that I don’t expose my patients to potential allergens.

And in this booklet it gives you, hang on, let me fast forward to the English bit, some of the other products, different types of band and some exercises you can use with the Loop and yes there’s some sample exercises that you can do and let me show you one more page.

Okay. And this is the band and it’s 190 centimetre long so almost two metres, about six feet, and it is firm.

Now I have got to figure out what to do with this, I believe you would thread it through so you can lock it up I would imagine that would be how… well, judging by the slight difficulties I have in putting this through I can imagine being able to trust it not to let me down when I have my full body weight leaning into the band, there you go and um once I figured out how to actually use this I will have to make another video to show you but there you have it this is the Blackroll Resist Band, Extreme.

And I hope you found this helpful, if you liked the video let me know by giving me a thumbs up, you can also support, help support the channel by subscribing and sharing our videos with your friends, make sure you ding the bell so you know when my new video comes out for you, and thank you so much for watching, ’till next time, Be Free In Your Movement.

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