Blackroll Recovery Pillow – Unbox & 1st Impression

In this episode of MoveMedics TV, I unbox and share my first impression of the Blackroll Recovery Pillow.

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In this video we are unboxing the Blackroll Recovery Pillow and also doing a brief review.

Hi, I’m Selina, physio from MoveMedics. I want to help you to improve your movement, increase your health knowledge, so you can move better, feel better, and keep doing what you love for as long as you want.

Blackroll brought out their Recovery Pillow here in Australia not too long ago. I am already a fan of their products so when I needed a new pillow myself, I checked them out and ended up purchasing one for me and one for my husband.

What drew me to it was that it is travel friendly, you are supposed to be able to roll this pillow up and take it with you anywhere you go. Even with that knowledge in mind I have to say I was very impressed when it came in this tiny little box. Let’s open it.

This is impressive! Look at that! There’s a pillow in here.

We also have a sleep manual and it has… firstly it’s in German and then of course there will be English here somewhere, and it tells you about the pillow, um sleep well with Blackroll products etc etc. Alrighty. Then… okay there’s a hand carrying handle here.


And it’s a bag.

And then you can un-velcro it, I’ve got it stuck to myself, and you have a pillow.

Now no doubt it is going to expand into its full size and I have actually already opened one and after some five odd minutes this is the full height that it’s going to become.

And let’s take a look around, on the edges you have three sides that are contoured and one side that is flat. On the surface that you put your head on, one side is flat and one side has a little dip in it. They have designed this specifically to cater to all types of sleeper, whether you are a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or front sleeper.

Now I can never remember which side is meant for what, what I ended up doing was I picked one side and I tested them out until I found one that I liked the best.

And I have been using mine for quite a few weeks now and it did take me a few days to first find the right side for me, and it also took me a few days to get used to it being a smaller pillow compared to a standard sized pillow, but other than that I have really enjoyed using this pillow, and for me being a quarter prone to side sleeper, I really appreciate this little dip here because I do feel like I’m less squashed like a traditional pillow makes me feel.

And this is the pillowcase that they intend you to use, it has obviously that special shape and it’s a nice soft material, very comfortable, and you can get replacement for them on the website, and I’m just looking at it right now and a replacement pillowcase is $39.90 Australian dollars.

Now I know it’s a very special, well-made pillowcase but I personally won’t fork out 40 bucks for a spare pillowcase, especially when I have already got pillowcases at home and so this is what I do, I have my pillowcase here, I’ll just put it in and as you can see it is quite big for it but my husband has figured out a way to just tuck it in neatly, like so, and that works perfectly for me.

If you are handy with sewing you could potentially make one your own, and I did think that perhaps a child size pillowcase may fit but I have DIY a way so I have no need to go and investigate that anymore.

So there you have it, and in the time that I was telling you about all that the one that we opened just before has really started to take shape as well.

And there you have it, that’s the unboxing of the Blackroll Recovery Pillow and my brief review for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this, if you do let me know by giving me a thumbs up. You can also help support this channel by subscribing and sharing our videos. Make sure you ding the bell so you know when our new video comes out, and thank you so much for watching, ’till next time, Be Free In Your Movement.

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