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Break Dance Olympics

Do you support Break Dancing in Olympics?

What do the disapproving voices tell us about society and movement?

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

’Til next time, Be Free In Your Movement™.

B. Phty
This information is not medical advice. Got health concerns? Consult a real-life health professional.
Views are my own.

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Selina Asirus Tannenberg

Selina Asirus Tannenberg

Selina is a health content creator-musician-physiotherapist based in Brisbane, Australia. She is the director of MoveMedics and its little sisters, Voice Physio and Pole Physio. She is passionate about dispelling misinformation, simplifying healthcare, and empowering people with evidence-based knowledge so they can move better, feel better, and do what makes them happy for as long as they want. She enjoys running, handstand training, Formula 1 Racing, and publishes music under her nom de plume, Asirus.

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Selina Asirus Tannenberg

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Selina Asirus Tannenberg