Why I chose microCloud Pillow

microCloud Pillow vs Blackroll Recovery Pillow

What makes a Dream Pillow for you? In this episode of MoveMedics TV, Physio and Singer, Selina, shares:

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  • her Need-To-Have and Nice-To-Have lists for buying Pillow, and 
  • unboxes her new microCloud Pillow.

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Our new pillows have just arrived, so let’s unpack them together and chat about why I have chosen the microCloud pillow to replace our Blackroll Recovery Pillows.

My husband and I have been using the Blackroll Recovery Pillows for just over two and a half years and recently it very suddenly stopped being supportive for me. And I will tell you all about that in another video.

I was waking up with a stiff and sore neck and that got me dreaming about a luxurious Hug-You-Very Nicely hotel pillows and I thought, what do I really want from my pillows? So I made a list of Need to Have and Nice to Have.

In terms of Need to Have, after the Blackroll Pillow, I really just want a normal standard size pillow again.

I want a pillow that can conform around me nicely, whether I am on my back, on my side, quarter prone, upside down. And I want it to be supportive without being too firm. I have had a memory foam Temper Pillow, it was expensive but it was like a rock. No, thank you.

I’ve also used synthetic feather pillows and whilst it was really manoeuvrable, you can plump it whichever way you want, it goes flat very easily as well so that’s kind of no point. So something that is soft yet supportive would be great.

I want my pillow to be breathable so it’s not hot, hypoallergenic and also easy to keep clean.

In terms of Nice to Have, I will always prefer to buy an Australian product.

Budget wise, I definitely don’t want to pay more than what I did for the Blackroll pillow. The Blackroll pillow is AUD $140 and if you want extra pillow cases, which you kind of have to for hygiene, they are at least $36 each pillow. Not again.

With my list, I went and searched the internet and I narrowed my search results down to two very similar candidates. And they are, of course our eventual winner, the microCloud and the other one is the OneBed pillow.

Both the OneBed and microCloud pillows are Australian products. Yay!

What appeals to me most about the OneBed Pillow is that you can zip it open and take out the fillings. It is filled with shredded memory foam pieces so you can customise the height of the pillow and that sounds really good.

And the price of the OneBed pillow is $100 and they had a 30% discount on their website when I was looking and that would have taken it down to $70. And I do believe they offer free shipping.

The microCloud Pillow is $95. When you buy two or more, they take $16 off each pillow bringing it down to $79 each. I did have to pay for shipping. To ship a 3kg satchel from Melbourne up to Brisbane cost $21 and it took a week. Not the fastest, not the cheapest but that’s more the courier company, not really the pillow company.

So it is more expensive than the OneBed pillow but they give you free pillow protectors.

This is a twin pack. Each microCloud pillow comes with two, very sensible, two pillow protectors. And after paying exorbitant prices for Blackroll pillow cases, I really appreciate getting this for free. So thank you, microCloud.

So why did I pick the microCloud over the OneBed Pillow?

Well, check this out. Hotel Pillow. Hotel Luxury. Remember I said I was dreaming about that lush Hug-Me-Very-Nicely hotel pillow?

As it turns out, microCloud is a company that for over 60 years been supplying Australian hotels like 4 or 5 stars hotels, short stay accommodation, Airbnb these days with luxury bedding. Apart from pillows, they also have mattress, mattress protect, mattress toppers and quilt and the nice fluffy gowns that you get. So that sounds really good to me.

And you can wash this pillow. I’ve never washed a pillow before. We normally just put it out in the sun and let the UV kill everything and that is very adequate. But there is just something about being able to wash it first before you sun it out that just feels so much more thorough.

So between the promise of the lush, luxurious hotel experience and being able to actually wash it, that sealed the deal for me.

Let’s open it.


It feels nice.

It is a 100% Japara cotton casing. I don’t know what kind of cotton that is, but it feels quality.

So ready?

Ooh. (giggles)

And this is another thing I like about it. That’s that gusset, which I think helps to maintain the loft. Cheaper pillows don’t have that.

Wow, look how big that has become.


Let’s check out the complimentary pillow protector.

Oh, it’s soft.

Oh, this feels very nice.

There are two.


I like it.

I am excited.

Oh, it is fat.

I like it.

Okay, I will probably have to move the camera to give it a test. Be right back.

The moment of truth.

Uh huh.


Mm hmm

It is definitely that I sink in, it’s hugging me nicely feel.

I like it.

And I suddenly feel very relaxed.

So I gather that’s all I want to say today.

I might have a nap now.

I’m Selina, a physio, a singer. This is my dragon Sk’on.

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Until next time, Be Free In Your Movement.™

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