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Voice Physio Blog. Vocal Load Management. Technique Or Capacity

Vocal Load Management Part 1: Technique or Capacity?

September 18, 2019

Good Technique Does Not Exempt You from Voice Injuries I came across this comment online recently: “If you have good vocal technique then you won’t have voice injuries”and I wholeheartedly disagree. Good technique is critical for voice health, that is for certain, but there is something equally as important as technique and that is vocal capacity....

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Voice Physio Blog. Posture and Singing

Posture & Voice Users

September 11, 2019

The Obsession About Posture Posture is something all professional voice users have to think about. For singers, you need to think about your posture for singing and stage presence. For speakers, you also need to think about stage presence and how best to look confident and engaging to your audience. Posture also has a bad...

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Voice Physio Blog. Back Exercises For Singers

A Strong and Nimble Back for Efficient Voicing

September 4, 2019

The Importance of Efficient Breathing Breathing and voicing are intimately related. Whilst you can breathe without voicing, you cannot voice without breath! Breathing is something we all have to do, it’s something we do without thinking. In fact, whenever you starting thinking about your breathing, it has a tendency to feel all weird and uncoordinated....

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