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The Humble Beginning

My first experience with pole dancing was a team building outing in 2007. I was instantly hooked! Initially, I made a point to leave my physio hat at the studio door because it was play time. I quickly discovered how useful my knowledge was for my own development, and more importantly, how needed it was for my friends who were falling victim to injuries and training errors.

In 2010, I created Pole Physio and started blogging about pole injuries but then the project was shelved for other priorities in my life. A lot has changed since that first post I published nearly 10 years ago and the pole community is certainly far more injury aware. However, I continued to witness first hand the struggle and confusion around pain, injuries, and pole training working with pole dancers at my clinic, this has reignited the fire that pushed me to start this blog in the first place. I’ve recently hung up my clinician hat to focus on education and online healthcare courses and feel it’s the prefect time to revamp this blog so here we go!

The Next Chapter

I’ll be sharing all my knowledge and expertise as the “best-of-both-worlds” physio – a physio who knows pole and has years of experience treating everyday pole dancer, the elites of the world, as well as being a former competitor. I’m here to serve you so please don’t hesitate to send in your questions and topics you’re keen to know more about, and I’ll do my best to blog on them for you so you can Be Free In Your Pole.

’Til next time, Be Free In Your Movement™.

B. Phty
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