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My Biggest Pet Peeve

For as long as I’ve been a physio, 19 years and counting, my biggest pet peeve has been how many needlessly suffer because of misinformation. Years ago I ran a blog and really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and knowledge with the world. I still remember vividly how it was both exhilarating and terrifying the first time I published a post! With the click of a button my message was available on the vast internet for all to see…. and judge! I overcame that fear quickly as I realised that blogging is the ultimate tool for us health professionals to use to spread evidence-based information, and fight the good fight against misinformation. It is one of the most direct and appropriate ways for us to engage with the public.

Fighting the Good Fight

My original blog came to a close when I rebranded and subsequently moved my clinic, it has been on the “must bring back” list ever since. Now that I’ve hung up my clinician hat to focus on education and online healthcare courses, I feel it’s the perfect time to bring it back. These are some of the topics I will be writing about: movement for health, pain, injury prevention, rehab, general health, running-related issues, tips and tricks… etc. I shall be busting myths and also sharing my opinions on various health topics. I’m here to serve you so please don’t hesitate to send in questions and topics you’re keen to know more about, and I’ll do my best to blog on them for you. My goal is to dispel misinformation, simplify healthcare, empower you with evidence-based knowledge so you can Be Free In Your Movement.

’Til next time, Be Free In Your Movement™.

B. Phty
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