Voice Physiotherapy


Your voice box is a musculoskeletal structure which means like other parts of your body it is subjected to tightness, overused and strains.

These can make it harder for you to produce sounds, affect the quality of your voice, and put you at risk of vocal cord injuries.

Voice Physio address the musculoskeletal aspects of your voice and is an invaluable tool for singers and professional voice users.

What can Voice Physio do for Singers and Professional Voice Users?


1. Help keep your voice in tip-top condition so you stay on top of your game.

2. Remove tension in the key singing/voicing areas, e.g. larynx, neck, jaw, tongue root.

3. Keep your larynx free. A free larynx = a free voice = freedom of expression!

4. Improve the efficiency of your singing/voicing.

5. Prevent vocal problems and damage to your vocal cords such as nodules and haemorrhage.

6. Unlock your body so you can easily access optimal alignment for singing/voicing.

7. Bring out the best support available to you, hence minimising laryngeal effort.


In your first Voice Physio session, we will establish your goals and analyse your vocal load with you.
A physical assessment on your larynx will be performed and treatment commenced.
You’ll be given exercises that will assist in alleviating tension in your key-singing/voicing areas to get you started.
A typical course of Voice Physio runs for approximately 6 weeks, though this will vary according to your vocal load and individual circumstances.

 When should you get Voice Physio?

If you experience one or more of the following:


1. There is a change in the quality of your voice e.g. it becomes hoarse, husky or croaky.

2. You are a singer and you lose part of your vocal range.

3. It takes you longer to warm your voice up.

4. Your voice fatigues sooner.

5. Tightness in your key singing/voicing areas, e.g. larynx, neck, jaw, tongue.

6. Your voice drops off as you speak.

7. You’re a singer who struggles with reflux.

8. Post-illness reboot, e.g. after cold & flu / cough / sore throat / sinusitis / allergy flares / laryngitis.

9. 1-2 days before your big show/speaking engagement.

10. Pain when you sing/speak, OMG! Why are you waiting for? Get checked out now!