Sports Injuries

Sports is Super Fun and Injuries sometimes happen.


A Good Rehab Programme is Essential for Prompt & Safe Return to Sports.

The most common Mistake people make with Sports Rehab is:

They Bail Too Soon!

Real Rehab for sports injuries can only begin AFTER your pain has settled.

This is because the Skills you need to Retrain in order to Safely Return to Playing can Only start once your pain has settled.


Essential Lower Limb Skills for Return to Sports are:

Near Full Range of Movement
At Least 90% Power of Uninjured Leg
Changing Directions
Sport-Specific Skills


What can happen if I start playing before I’m ready?

Well, re-injury rate is High when people return to Play Before they are ready.

Injury is a common part of Sports.

It’s Annoying and Frustrating to be sidelined by an injury and yes, it can take a long time to fully recover.

However, Early Management, a Good Rehab Programme, and Dedication can get You Back on the playing field in a Timely fashion,

and More Importantly, make sure You’re Ready!


When Should I get Physio?

3-7 Days after your injury, when you can bare your physio touching the area in order to assess what structures were injured.