Persistent Pain

Are you sick of being in pain?


Is pain getting in the way of you living life to the fullest?

What can Physiotherapy do for you?

(In order of importance and priority)

1. Solve Your Puzzle

Your physio will figure out what is causing, contributing, and perpetuating your problem/s and strategise with you to fix it.

2. Teach You Stuff

Your physio will share everything she knows with you to help you understand pain, make informed decisions, and to become pain free. You’ll learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of movement, what’s ok to keep doing and what to temporarily avoid whilst you still have pain.

3. Load Management

Load is KEY to becoming pain free! Your body needs to be loaded (trained) to become strong and pain free. Load can make or break you, literally. Your physio will guide you taking into consideration ALL the activities in your life and formulate a plan to build up your level of awesomeness.

4. Exercise Prescription

Sometimes, you have gaps in your movement foundation and until these gaps are filled, your body will continue to compensate. Compensation is like driving on a space saver after a tyre puncture. It works but it’s not a permanent solution. Compensation perpetuates your problems and also stops you from fully benefitting from the exercises you already do. Your physio will prescribe exactly what you need to move you long to better quality movement.

5. Manual Therapy

The purpose of manual therapy is to improve the ease and efficiency of your movement. It creates a window of opportunity for you to move and load your body, which is what will ultimately break you out of your pain cycle. As amazing as your physio’s hands are, manual therapy alone DOES NOT magically fix your problem/s. However, It is an invaluable tool to augment everything else your physio will do with you to help you be free in your movement.


In your first session, we will establish your goals and analyse your physical workload with you.
A physical assessment and movement analysis will be performed.
Your physio will start coaching you the what, why, and how to get out of your pain cycle and be awesome.

When should you get Physio?

1. Now! Why spend another day with pain?

2. When you can commit to dedicating 30 minutes a day for at least 6 weeks to help yourself get out of pain.