Physiotherapy is not only for pain and rehab. It is excellent for injury prevention and superb for performance enhancement.

Physio is the secret weapon elite athletes use to unlock their movement potential. You can have this, too!

What can Physiotherapy do for you?

1. Become pain free.

2. Continue doing activities you love, and more!

3. Teach you how to look after your body and manage simple niggles.

4. Achieve your movement goals.

5. Perform at a higher level, give you that competitive edge.


In your first session, we will establish your goals and analyse your physical workload with you.
A physical assessment will be performed and your physio will start teaching you the what, why, and how to get out of your pain rut and be awesome.

When should you get Physio?


1. Your pain has persisted for more than 2 weeks. Sorry, it ain’t gonna go by itself at this point y’all!

2. Your pain keeps coming back and you want to fix it properly.

3. You have movement goals you want to achieve.

4. You do sports and you have little niggles off and on.

5. You are training for an event or competition and you need to stay in tip-top shape.