Physio for Flexibility Training

Does your back hate you whenever you try to backbend?


Do you need to stretch for ages to "get your split" but it's back to being tight again the very next day?

What are the Biggest Mistakes people make with Flexibility Training?

  •  The most common reason for the lack of progress is training the wrong things. Flexibility Training is about Balancing the Elements of Movement e.g. soft tissue mobility, motor skill development, neuromuscular control, etc. It is more than simply stretching your muscles. Unless you address ALL the elements of movement your body needs to achieve a particular skill, progress will be limited. Think about it this way, if you want BBQ chicken, it doesn’t matter how long you steam your chicken for, you ain’t never gonna get BBQ chicken!
  • Another common reason for not making progress is training the same things all the time. Everyone has different training targets and your own targets will change over time as your body changes and skill improves. Your training, therefore, needs to be regularly reassessed and updated to address your current training targets. This is why what once worked for you may no longer work, and a typical “stretch & flex” class where everyone does the same thing is really only good for general mobility and does very little to specifically improve YOUR flexibility.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to Flexibility Training.

Being specific in addressing your target areas is critical to your success.


How can our Physio help You?

1. Assess your whole body and identify your current limitations and target areas.
2. Teach you easy-to-do mobility exercises that address your specific needs.
3. Teach you the appropriate strengthening exercises to develop your Active Flexibility so you can “own the space and use your flex”.
4. Teach you exercises that develop your neuromuscular control & foundational movement that build up towards your flexibility goals.
5. Monitor your target areas and progress your exercises as they change.


When should I start Physio for Flexibility Training?

1. Now! What waste another day training ineffectively?

2. When you can commit to dedicating 30 minutes a day for at least 6 weeks to get balanced, then the fun can truly begin.