Physio for Physical Performers

All the technique in the world will not matter if your muscles, bones, nerves, and joints cannot slide the way they need to for you to do that particular skill.


Physio is excellent to help you unlock your movement potential and fantastic for performance enhancement.

There’re only two reasons why you can’t perform a skill:


1. It’s a motor control issue. You need a good coach to teach you good technique and you also train hard for it.

2. It’s a myofascial issue. What does this mean? This essentially means that your soft tissues are “stuck” on the inside and therefore do not allow you the access the components of movement required for the skill you’re training for. E.g. if your hamstring is stuck to your adductors, then it doesn’t matter how much you stretch, you will NOT get your straddle.

To address this you need a physiotherapist who understands your movement needs, knows how to free up your components of movement, and also how to condition you for your skill.


Like you, our physio also like to bend, play upside down, and dance in the air, which means she understands your problems, your passion, your needs, and can tailor a solution for you to achieve your movement goals and also bring out the best movement in you.
It typically takes at least 3 months of collaborative efforts for these changes to become obvious to you. 

Who should get Physio for Performance Enhancement?


1. You cannot do the splits despite stretching and stretching and stretching and stretching……

2. Your back hates you when you backbend.

3. You have pole shoulder or aerial shoulder.

4. You are hypermobile and things keep “popping out”.

5. You need to stretch for ages to “get your splits” and it’s back to being tight again the next day.