How do the demands of music playing affect musicians?

Learn how to care for your body, prevent injuries, and improve the longevity of your music career.

  • Are you a musician carrying some niggles but can’t afford to stop playing and secretly worried that this niggle will ruin your career?
  • Are you a guitarist who has been shredding it up too much and now have forearm pain?
  • Are you a violinist getting some pins and needle down your arm when you play those quick, repetitive notes?
  • Is your schedule so crazy that you barely have time to eat and you end up on struggle street when it’s time for you to shine on stage?

Our practitioners are also musicians, which means we understand that the show must go on, we know that burn in the shoulders you get from hours of playing, we get the need to keep rehearsing in order to be awesome, and we will collaborate with you to ensure you have a bright and lasting career.

  • Do you want to play better and more effortlessly?
  • Do you wish to play pain free?
  • Do you want to rock that stage?