Physio for Musicians

Do you spend hours honing your craft day in day out, week after week, years on end?


Do you get the occasional niggle when you play, especially after a period of intense playing?

Why are Musicians at higher risk of developing Overuse Injuries?

1. Overuse injuries are caused by repeatedly doing something over a long period of time, which is EXACTLY what you have been doing to become awesome.

2. Playing an instrument is also a very one-sided activity and this encourages imbalances in your body which then creates problems.

3. There is often a sudden spike in the amount and intensity of play, e.g. gigs, festivals, tours, and this increases the risk of injuries and illness.


Signs of Overuse:

1. Decreased precision and dexterity.
2. Fatigue, reduced endurance.
3. Playing feels heavy and slow.
4. A sensation of tightness/stiffness, especially in your hands and forearms.
5. Pain.


What can Physio do for You?

1. Identify your unique risk factors that are specific to you and your instrument/s.

2. Teach you about load management and how to plan ahead and manage your playing load leading up to heavy playing periods.

3. Teach you simple and effective exercises to keep your body in balance and prevent injuries.


When Should a Musician Get Physio?

1. Now! If you already have pain associated with playing AND can commit to dedicating 30 minutes a day for at least 6 weeks to fix it.

2. 3-4 months before touring or playing more gigs is a good time to start putting together a plan that will keep you rocking.