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To help you be Free in Your Movement!


1. We collaborate with you.

2. We teach you our best tricks.

3. We treat you with evidence-based medicine.

4. We empower you with knowledge.

5. We support and guide you, and also laugh, cry, and celebrate with you.



Image of Selina Tannenberg, Director, Principal Physio, Voice Physio, Pole Physio, Flexibility Expert at MoveMedics, Physio for the Performing Arts, Brisbane.

Selina Tannenberg is our director and principal physiotherapist. She is Australia’s leading Performing Arts Physio and one of a handful of Voice Physios in the country. Selina is affectionately known to her patients as the Queen of Pain because she kicks pain in the butt.

Selina enjoys singing, writing, playing keys and guitar, pole dancing, Lyra, flexibility training, and handstands.

Selina is Miss Pole Dance Queensland 2nd runner-up 2011! She runs a blog as The Pole Physio and you can check out her Pole Physio Blog here: www.polephysio.com


Selina graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from the University of Queensland in 2000 and has worked exclusively in private physio practice since. She is passionate about promoting a proactive health culture and empowering people with the ability to manage simple pains and injuries. She considers herself a movement mentor to her clients.
Selina has special interests in the voice, shoulder health in inverted and aerial sports as well as flexibility training and management of hypermobility syndromes.
She served on the board of the International Pole Dance and Fitness Association (IPDFA) as their Medical and Safety Specialist and was also the official physiotherapist for the International Pole Championship (IPC) where she looked after the world’s best pole athletes at one of the world’s most prestigious aerial championships from 2010 to 2013.